Is your property structurally damaged? Or are you looking to transform a derelict space?  
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What Type of Demolition Service Do You Need? 

In case you’re not sure about the service that you need, our brief guide below can walk you through it. 
Selective Demolition 
If your building is still structurally sturdy and you wish to refurbish only its interiors, then a selective demolition is the type you may require. 
Commercial Demolition 
Are you transforming your retail building into a mixed-use complex?  
It’s your office, shop, or other commercial structure, our knowledge and expertise in safe commercial demolition can transform and recreate your complex for other uses and operations. 
Residential Demolition 
Accidental fire? Or an unfortunate flood damaging your home?  
Let Davies Construction and Brickwork handle all remodelling works and structure removals for your property to be habitable again. 


Our team undergoes three phases of preparation before proceeding to the demolition. This is to ensure that safety hazards are eliminated and overall safety on site is prioritised. 
1. Site Surveying 
The first stage of our demolition process involves site surveying, where our experts will conduct checks and inspections at the property itself.  
We take into account the construction method and the materials used for the current building, its condition, and the proximity of other properties that may potentially be affected by the demolition. 
2. Removal of Hazards 
Before proceeding, we make sure that hazards and other immediate safety risks are eliminated from the site. 
3. Plan Preparation 
After clearing the first two phases, we will then create a project schedule, a procedure timeline, and the main execution plan to carry out the demolition. 
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